on time with a minimum disruption

Whether your circumstances have changed or you have a growing family there are often times when we need more space. We can assist you in the design and construction of an extension that will not only suit your needs but blend in and compliment it’s environment and your existing structure.

We also understand with extensions there can be the added stress of living within close proximity to the construction site and take all reasonable steps to minimize the impact of the construction throughout the building process.

What our clients says:

My first contact with Ben Auden was when he was asked to submit a quote for the renovation of the Ensuite Bathroom in my apartment on the Esplanade. I accepted the quote, and the job was completed on schedule and with a minimum of disruption to day to day living. I was delighted with the result, so much so that I then asked him to do a similar job on the other 1 1/2 bathrooms in the apartment, both of which were completed to the same high standard as the Ensuite.

The most recent job Ben has done for me was to strip and prepare the kitchen and co-ordinate it’s refit. Although this job was completed only a week before Christmas, it was to the same high standard as the bathrooms.

Clearly, I hold Ben Auden in the highest regard as a Tradesman and Builder. In all the work he has done for me he has always completed on schedule, and with minimal disruption to day-to-day living. I can highly recommend him to anyone requiring similar high quality work.

Alan, The Esplanade